Looking to buy Turkish delight online? You found it. Selection of the best Turkish delights online, on the Turkish shop.

Discover soft, fresh and luxuriously fragrant morsels of authentic Turkish delights handmade for special occasions with family and friends.

We have the largest selection of real Turkish Delights online, all handmade by master artisans of the trade in Istanbul since 1777! We meticulously taste tested each flavour over and over again (poor us) to find the best Turkish delights. Our customers would agree too, check out our reviews!

Most popular Turkish delight flavours are rose & lemon Turkish delight for those who like citrus and floral concoctions (think gin & tonic lovers and grandma), roasted pistachio Turkish delights or mixed nut Turkish delights if you like nuts in your chocolate (what is wrong with you!?). If you’re into fruity flavours then mixed flavour Turkish delight by Haci Bekir is what you want.

If you’re looking for ideas to buy Turkish delight gift boxes then our exclusive Haci Bekir deluxe wood box Turkish delights and red Turkish delight gift boxes with retro logo design will surely delight anyone with a sweet tooth.

Also highly recommend is the Pomegranate with Pistachio Turkish delights by Haci Bekir 1777. Because we couldn’t stop testing it, just wasn’t sure, in fact we’re still testing it, y’know.

One last thing. Turkish delight goes well with Turkish coffee. Just so you know.

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